HT Transformers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of HT Transformers With Built In HT AVR, High Voltage Transformers and our setup isituated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our product range also comprises of X-Ray Transformer, Single Phase Isolation Transformer and Three Phase Isolation Transformer.
HT Transformer With Built In HT AVR HT Transformer With Built In HT AVR

Ht Transformers with built-in ht automatic voltage regulators provide total solutions for voltage regulation and stabilization. Most of the times, it has been realized that even after installing Distribution Transformers, the problem of fluctuating voltage remains on the lt side, resulting in improper function of Electrical Systems. The HT Transformer is basically a combination of HT avr and standard ht Distribution Transformer. The company is HT Transformers manufacturer with built in stabilizers and ht automatic voltage regulators are available in capacity up to 5000 kva.

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