Auto Transformer

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Auto Transformers and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Our product range also comprises of X-Ray Transformer, Single Phase Isolation Transformer and Three Phase Isolation Transformer.
Three Phase Transformer Auto Transformers

We are specialize in offering a wide range of auto transformer, known as auto former. It is an Electrical Transformer with only one winding that has at least three electrical connection points called Taps. This is fabricated by using quality material to ensure high efficiency and trouble free service life. This Auto Transformer is used in:

Used for machines with voltage ranges from 480 v to 600 v supply

 Used for providing conversions between two common domestic mains voltage bands ranging from 100-130 and 200-250

 Used for ‘super grid’ networks that range from the uk 400kv to 275kv

 Used for long rural power distribution lines in which the variable ratio of the Auto Transformer balances voltage drop along the line

 Tapped Auto Transformer is used in a speaker to regulate constant-voltage audio distribution system. In other words, it is used for impedance matching that varies from a low-impedance microphone to a high-impedance amplifier input

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